New Realms of Antonine Episode 3: Well of Corruption Part 3 “Hope Springs Eternal”

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Well of Corruption Part 3 “Hope Springs Eternal”

The squad charges into action, hoping to stop Father Belorium and his men from spreading the madness of the corrupted well into the city.

The Players

  • Mondo: The Dungeon Master
  • Roo: Sylv Loloni – Dire Elf Ranger/Rogue
  • Kat: Serowyn – Human Cleric
  • Crad: Daxamire Ironflame – Tiefling Paladin
  • Martin: Hachtar – Drow Elf Bard
  • Mack: Elvandriena Sarrona- High Elf Warlock

Disclaimer: The New Realms of Antonine is not a traditional podcast. We play our games on, and we use the discord app for voice and for streaming our adventures every other Saturday night. We’re not currently overly concerned with things like time constraints, crystal clear audio, or the sweet sound of real dice rolling on wood.

New episodes posted Mondays, and/or Thursdays. Our sessions tend to run long, so the episodes will be split up as best as can be to keep the story flowing, and some may be longer or shorter than others. We’re just playing some Dungeons and Dragons, and we’re podcasting our adventures because we think you might enjoy them as much as we do.

House Rules are in effect.

We typically stream our games live at at 9:30 pm on alternating Saturdays. You can follow me on twitter @dharmabob, to find out when we’re about to start streaming, or if you have any questions or comments.

Next Live Streaming Session: Saturday August 12th at 9:30pm EST on

Podcast cover by Roo/Sylv

Theme Music “Eternal Glory” by Sound Hammer

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