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My Dead Macro

In my last post about Roll20 Conditions, I set up some nice buttons to instantly add status markers to a token, and put the effects of a condition in the chat. But what about death?

I’ve set up a macro for when a creature is dead. I have the button set up in my macro bar, and when someone or something dies, it does the killing for me. It uses the TokenMod API to add the status markers, and it includes a little random death message by selecting it from a Rollable Table. I’ve added the Macro to my Quick Bar, rather than to the Conditions Macro, so that Death comes with one click, rather than two.

Because I think I’m funny, I’ve also set up a rollable table with different ways of telling the players that something has died, and I’ve added some bubbling blood effects so that blood spurts out of the selected token.

Image 1: A miner. A dead miner.

The Dead macro consists of four lines. The first uses the rollable table called is-dead to select a message. The next two set the skull and dead status markers on the token, and the fourth uses the Roll20 fx to create bubbling blood on the token. Again, I think I’m funny. The Dead macro is below.

@{selected|token_name} [[1t[is-dead]]]
!token-mod –set statusmarkers|!skull
!token-mod –set statusmarkers|!dead
/fx bubbling-blood @{selected|token_id}

A much simpler macro could be used without relying on a rollable table for cute messages by simply making the first line in the macro read:

@{selected|token_name} is dead.

It can also be used without the TokenMod lines so that you have just a chat message pop up stating that something is dead, but the main purpose of the macro is to quickly add the status markers so that you and the players know which tokens are no longer living. You can also remove the line that adds the bubbling blood effect, if you wish.

In the image below, you can see my Dead Macro, and my is-dead Rollable Table. I’ve added table items with messages of death, and fans of Monty Python’s Flying Circus may recognize them from the Dead Parrot Sketch.

Image 2: Dead macro with Rollable Table

To set up a Rollable Table, you can go to the Roll20 Collection tab where you set up your macros. Towards the bottom, you’ll see an area for Rollable Tables. Click +Add, and the table will come up. I’ve named my table “is-dead”. When you click +Add Item, a window pops up, where you can add whatever message of ill-will you wish. Save each one, and add as many as you’d like.

In the Dead Macro, the command¬†@{selected|token_name} produces the token’s name, and the command [[1t[<RollableTableName>]]] will tell Roll20 to roll once on the table you choose, and will produce a random message from that table.



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